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How To Bring The Luxury Look Into Your Home

Interior Designer, Kelly Donougher of 13 Interiors shares her top tips to get the on-trend luxury look at home with ABC Blinds Vertisheers.

How To Bring The Luxury Look Into Your Home

As an Interior Designer there are three things I always consider before implementing a client’s concept for their home’s interiors: functionality, practicality and of course, quality.

One of the main areas I look at to improve a house’s flow will always be the window treatments, because a house is just not a home without the right window treatments. But with a dizzying array of types, materials, colours and companies, how does one even know where to start?

Today, you’re in luck, because I’ve done the research for you and now I’m sharing my tips on how to incorporate the amazing Vertisheers from ABC Blinds into your home. I was absolutely blown away by the practicality, quality and the on-trend desired look of these blinds. The beautiful fabrics and lightweight feel will have you at “hello”!

Here are my top three benefits of Vertisheers and some tips on how they can be styled with your home’s interior.

  1. The biggest factor to take into consideration with curtains is that you want them to be private, yet still have that light, luxury feel. The number one question I get asked as a designer is: “What window treatments should I use to make my lounge room feel cosy and lux?” Creating a luxury cosy look with privacy can often mean installing a double track to include the block-out curtain and a sheer layer. Meaning two tracks and two layers, plus two cords and the constant pulling back and forth of each curtain, depending on whether you want the sheer or the block-out over the windows or doors. The Vertisheer blinds allow you to have one lightweight layer of curtains with the luxury sheer look but when rotated in the opposite direction, can create privacy. By simply rotating the easy-to-turn mechanism, you can change the curtains from sheer to block-out just like that. This gives you the luxury look of sheer curtains with all the benefits of privacy when needed. Pair the sheers with complimentary colour tones, soft fabrics, patterns and a beautiful rug and you’re on your way to creating an on-trend and practical space.

  2. The great appeal of the Vertisheers is that they are super lightweight and have only one sheer layer. They are also perfect for sliding door areas due to their innovative cord and chain mechanism, which slides along and rotates with ease. This is a huge bonus for sliding doors that are constantly accessed, because there’s nothing more unattractive than a bare sliding door leading out to a backyard. With Vertisheers, there is no need to compromise on the luxury look for functionality. The lightweight fabrics are also super easy to keep clean and come in a range of colours that will compliment any interior.

  3. In today’s interiors we are also searching for ways in which we can create the illusive look of high ceilings. The beauty of Vertisheers is that you can still have the on-trend sleek track allowing you to place these up high under a cornice or flush with the ceiling with a square set cornice without the need for a bulky double layer of curtain. The easy lightweight fabric is also great for tall ceilings and long windows to ensure they are easy to rotate and move when needed.

So, if this sounds like something that you need in your home, click the link to ABC’s Blinds’ Vertisheers and see how amazing these blinds could look with your interior.

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