Five Reasons Sheer Curtains are Back On-Trend

But we’re not talking old-fashioned lace and polyester here. Thanks to their latest surge in popularity, the product range is now bigger and more impressive than ever. Today’s sheer curtains feature beautiful, natural fibres and blends, with a choice for every style, budget and privacy preference - worlds away from those granny-ish types. Here’s why you need modern sheers in your life style.

Five Reasons Sheer Curtains are Back On-Trend
If there’s one trend in window treatments that’s big right now, it’s sheers.

They maximise natural light

Everyone wants more natural light, transparency and that bright, ‘outdoorsy’ feel in their homes, and for good reason. Those blessed rays of sunlight and vitamin D are not only one of the best happiness-boosters; they make a space feel bigger, brighter and much more comfortable. Sheer curtains are by far your best bet to maximise natural light, with essential UV protection and privacy.

They make the most of your views

The most on-point homeowners amongst us are using sheers in open-plan living spaces to soften the link between inside and out. Swapping heavy curtains or blinds with modern sheers instantly boosts the style and ambience of your home and lets you appreciate the views outside more often. Double win!

They offer total privacy

Fun fact: Your bedroom doesn’t have to be dark and cave-like when you close the curtains! You can enjoy a bright, light-filled room without the threat of uninvited eyes. You’ll find there’s a vast range of linings and backings to complement the sheers you select, so you can enjoy the calming vibe of filtered natural light during the day, while you get changed in total privacy. Finally.

They’re as versatile as they are stylish

The real beauty of modern sheer fabrics is in their versatility. While new sheers offer privacy in their own right, you can always go for a set of sheers layered with heavier curtains or drapes. This way you can use the sheers to make the most of the sunshine and view outside, and the blockout curtains when you want some extra privacy and comfort. Who says you can’t have it all?

They’re more affordable than you think

You may be surprised to learn that sheer fabrics are similar in cost to block-out curtains and are often a more affordable alternative to blinds. You can rock sheers on their own or choose from a range of accessories like pelmets (for an extra design element) and tie-backs (for an entirely clear view outside) to create a look perfectly matched to your budget and style.

With modern, subtle iridescence and instant wow factor, sheer fabrics help set a relaxed vibe and fill your home with energising natural light and effortless style. If you ask us? There’s nothing more bang on-trend than that.

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