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Enjoy light, air and privacy: Best blinds solutions for your home

Depending on the position of your windows, each room in your home can have its own set of problems, from too much light, to not enough privacy. Keep reading to find the solution to all of your window problems.

Enjoy light, air and privacy: Best blinds solutions for your home

Studies have shown we sure do spend a lot of our time indoors. In fact, it’s said that 80-90% of the average modern-day human’s time is spent inside. That’s why it’s so important to ensure all homes are fitted with the right blinds, curtains and shutters. Choose the wrong window treatments and we risk disrupting our natural sleep schedules, putting our family’s privacy in jeopardy and even racking up our energy bills.

Part of the reason why we so often end up with the wrong window treatments installed is because each room has its own individual problems to solve. Identifying what these problems or issues are will help you create a more tailored approach to each room, so that you know exactly what to hang over each window or door.

Blinds for privacy

There’s nothing worse than getting dressed in the morning in the privacy of your own home, only to realise that your windows aren’t totally protected from prying eyes. Roller blinds are a great choice of window covering which offer privacy day or night, while still allowing some light to filter through. Simply roll them down to enjoy! If you want complete block-out privacy, you can opt for Double Roller Blinds instead.

Blinds that let light in

For rooms that require privacy and plenty of natural light, vision blinds are ideal. These stylish blinds offer the best of both world thanks to a design that combines the sophisticated light diffusion properties of a translucent fabric with the stylish practicality of a roller blind. Vision blinds feature two layers of horizontal striped fabric (opaque and translucent), which work in harmony to soften daylight while protecting your privacy. These blinds are perfect for areas like the lounge room, study or computer room as they help to reduce a significant amount of glare.

Blind that block out light

Sick of the harsh Aussie sun creating glare and ruining furniture? Aero double roller blinds are the perfect solution to this problem. These blinds combine two roller blinds (translucent and blockout fabric) in one stylish unit for complete light and privacy control. The blockout fabric is guaranteed to block any outside light from entering the room, making these blinds ideal for bedrooms, nurseries and lounge rooms. During the day, the blockout layer can be raised so that you can enjoy the view without compromising on privacy. You can find out more about this relatively new style of blinds here.

Blinds that block out heat

Feeling the heat inside your home? The most efficient way to stop heat from entering a room is to prevent the heat hitting the window glass in the first place, which can be done with the help of outdoor awnings and blinds. Our. auto awnings are fixed to the external face of your window to stop excess heat from coming into your home on hot summer days.

On the other hand, if you want to spend some time outdoors without getting too hot, Zipscreen blinds just might be your new best friend. The patented, zip-lock technology means you can turn your alfresco area into a comfortable space for relaxing, even in the middle of summer.

Blinds that let air through

If your home is gets a little stuffy at times, shutters could be the perfect solution. Indoor window shutters allow a free flow of air into any room, while protecting your furnishings and carpets from harsh sunlight. Choose from durable aluminium shutters or natural basswood shutters for your home.

Blinds that look like shutters

For that sleek and striking horizontal stripe effect of a shutter but for a lower price, look no further than Venetian blinds. Of course, the benefits of Venetian blinds extend beyond their similar appearance to shutters! These blinds are incredibly stylish, low maintenance and offer complete light and privacy control. When completely raised, the blinds stack at the highest point of the window without blocking your view. They can also be tilted to adjust privacy and lighting levels in frequently used rooms like the bedroom or living room.

For more information on buying new blinds, check out our answers to some blinds FAQs. You can also call us on 13 13 15, visit one of our showrooms or arrange a free measure and quote with a highly-trained consultant in your own home.

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