O One of the most energy efficient blinds in the market.

Honeycomb Cellular Blinds Collection combines style, versatility and functionality to offer an innovative and energy efficient window covering solution to suit your home. A variety of operating systems and design options provide the ultimate in light and privacy control whilst slim line hardware minimises light gaps and maximises views.

Made from anti-static nonwoven polyester that aids in the resistance of dust, Honeycomb Cellular Fabrics are easy to clean and are available in a range of colours, cell sizes and opacities.

Honeycomb D-Cell Pleat Retention

Pleat Retention with D-CELL

Replica cellular fabrics without D-Cell look round initially, but over time they flatten out and the crisp pleat becomes flat. D-Cell ensures your cellular pleat never falls out, so you have a perfect pleat for years. With 20mm Honeycomb Cellular Blinds, you are assured your pleats will stay crisp over time.

Cellular Blinds offers superior energy efficiency. Want to save up to 32%* on your heating costs? Honeycomb Cellular Blinds are designed with a unique honeycomb cell shape that creates pockets of energy-saving insulation. The cell construction traps air and makes it more difficult for heat energy to transfer in and out of the window, improving energy efficiency and reducing your heating and cooling costs in both Winter and Summer.

R-Value Honeycomb Cellular Blinds Heat-flow


A measure of a product’s ability to resist heat flow, which is especially important in the cool winter months, when a significant amount of a home’s heat is lost through the windows. The higher the R-value, the more insulation a product provides and the better it is at reducing heat loss.

Product R-Values**
10mm Sabelle & Daybreak Translucent 0.31
20mm Sabelle, Daybreak & Sunterra Translucent 0.33
20mm Millenia Translucent 0.33
20mm Millenia Blockout 0.33
10mm Dusk Blockout 0.50
20mm Sabelle, Daybreak & Sunterra Blockout 0.53
35 Insulated Roof Panel 1.05
65mm Pink Batt 1.50

**The R-Values are the combined measurement of 3mm (one-eighth inch) CI glass (R=0.127) plus window covering and are reported in metric SI units. Thermal properties are determined by a certified third party laboratory utilising accepted ASTM, NFRC and WES standards and procedures. Measurement may vary based on window type and method of installation.

*Savings are based on the installation of fully-recessed, reveal-mounted 20mm single cell blockout fabric in an average home in Sydney, compared with the House Energy Rating standard of Holland Blinds from AccuRate, in that home. These calculations have been modelled by an independent third party. Savings will vary based on window type and installation.

O Product Options

Hardware Operating Options

Operation Options

Honeycomb Cellular Blinds are compatible with most windows and offer a variety of innovative operating systems, with child-safe options for total peace of mind.


  • Slimline headrail
  • Available with all design options


  • Light and smooth handling for larger blinds
  • Spring loaded cord tensioner keeping cords neatly out of the way
  • Child safe as prevents hazards from loose cords


  • Ultimate choice for Child Safety
  • Easy & smooth handling
  • Clean, modern look with no cords


  • Ultimate choice for Child Safety
  • Can operate larger spanning blinds
  • Clean, modern look with no cords

Hardware Design Options

Design Options

Honeycomb Cellulars feature sophisticated design options providing complete control in light and privacy. The options available depend on which operating system you have selected.


  • Available to CordLock;
  • CordLoop;
  • CordLess;
  • Motorised;
  • Skylight.


  • Available to CordLock.


  • Available to CordLock;
  • CordLoop;
  • CordLess.


  • Available to CordLock
  • CordLoop;
  • CordLess.

Honeycomb Cellulars feature sophisticated design options providing complete control in light and privacy. The options available depend on which operating system you have selected.

F Fabrics

Blockout Honeycomb Cellular Blinds


Blockout fabrics offer the ultimate in privacy, both day and night. Open to allow sunlight in, close to enjoy total darkness.

Translucent Honeycomb Cellular Blinds


Translucent fabrics offer complete day time privacy while still allowing natural light to filter into the room.

Sheer Honeycomb Cellular Blinds


Sheer fabrics provide great day time visibility so you can still enjoy the outside view whilst diffusing the harsh outside light.

Unparalleled in terms of versatility and design, truly are a world class, sophisticated window covering solution.

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