B Built to withstand WA’s strong winds.

Designed right here in Western Australia, ABC’s Windmaster Awnings have been specially built for Perth’s windy conditions. Most patio awnings aren’t sturdy enough to withstand the strong winds we experience in Perth. Our popular Windmaster Awnings have been locally designed with WA weather in mind, making them the ideal choice for any building. Not only are they resilient against the elements, but they also have a two-year warranty, so you know they’re made to last.

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Patio awnings tend to flap about when the wind starts to pick up. Which isn’t just a nuisance, it’s a potential safety hazard. Windmaster Awnings stand the test of time when they’re up against the elements (the name says it all). They have been designed with features like heavy-duty base rails, locks and heavy-duty channels to minimise any fabric movement.

If you’re looking to upgrade your outdoor area in time for the warmer months, Windmaster Awnings are a practical choice. They reduce 94% of the heat in your home, which makes all the difference during the stifling summer months.

In the Windmaster range, there are eight stylish outdoor sunscreen fabric colours for you to choose from. If you don’t want the hassle of an electrician, you can choose solar powered motorization. Plus, you also have the option to add a new designer 125mm weather box with a floating mechanism to minimise fabric distortion.

ABC Windmaster Awnings are one of the best-priced products in the market and are as low maintenance as they come. Going for a heavy-duty option like Windmaster not only means there’s less risk of damage when the weather hits, but there’s minimal upkeep.

Our high-quality Windmaster Awnings are not only versatile and practical but they create secure and stylish outdoor entertaining areas. For the best wind-resistant awnings in the market, choose Windmaster Awnings to protect your home or business.

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