The Hottest Window Coverings and Interior Trends for Spring

Sprucing up your home for the warmer months with some fresh, new looks doesn’t have to mean a complete makeover or a wallet-busting ordeal. You might be surprised at how a few simple ideas and easy updates can make a space feel so much brighter, airier and more welcoming.

The Hottest Window Coverings and Interior Trends for Spring
Spring has officially sprung, and it makes you want to re-feather the nest, open the windows and let the sunshine in!

Check out these latest indoor trends to make your home feel spring-ready:

It’s Curtains For You

If you’re looking for that single, essential element that has the ability to make almost any room look better, it’s got to be window coverings. Changing up your blinds or curtains is a great way to make your home feel brighter, airier and energised for the new season. To really make the most of spring’s glorious sunshine and natural light, look no further than Vertisheers. Combining the softness of a curtain with the elegance of a sheer blind, they let the light and warmth in through your windows, without you needing to compromise on privacy. Vertisheer window coverings are stylish, practical and available in a ton of colours to perfectly compliment your space.

Indoor Plants Are Back

The humble house plant has made a huge comeback in recent times, and for good reason. A good dose of greenery has the ability to breathe life into just about any room, instantly lifting it and making it feel fresh and inviting, with health and wellness benefits to boot (hello, cleaner air!). Grab yourself a wicker basket and everyone’s favourite fiddle-leaf fig, and then just try to stop at one!

Shutter Bug

With their timeless appeal and incredibly chic look, white indoor shutters are one of the most popular and on-trend choice when it comes to window coverings, for pretty much any room in the house. Why? White shutters suit almost any décor, from traditional right through to ultra-modern. They provide light and privacy control at the touch of a finger, bags of style and are excellent at insulating your windows in the warmer months. With their very own kind of bright, airy vibe (that’s somehow still super cosy), swap up your heavy drapes for some beautiful shutters for a picture-perfect spring update.

Pile on the Pillows

Spring and summer call for lots of bright, uplifting colours that match the season and lift everyone’s mood! But when you’re really not keen to burn a hole in your wallet, updating your pillows, cushions and throw rugs is one of the best ways to inject some on-trend colours and fresh prints into your home. Stash those dark, moody hues away for next year and choose cushions and throws with plenty of warm, energising colour. For a really up-to-the-minute look, don’t shy away from mixing patterns, colours, prints and textures.

Pop of Colour

For the easiest way to brighten a room in a pinch, buy a fresh bunch of flowers from your local markets (or take to the garden with some scissors!). You don’t need to spend a fortune; any flowers, succulents or greenery you can get your hands on will do the trick. Throw them in a pretty vase or jar and wa-la! You’ve got yourself a pop of spring’s finest colour.

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