Vision Blinds

An Innovative Combination of Translucent and Opaque

Until now, blinds were either see-through or blocked out the light.

ABC's revolutionary Vision Blinds feature two layers in the one, exceptionally stylish blind.

An easy-to-use single control enables you to slide the beautiful opaque fabric and attractive translucent, sheer-fabric stripes so they either form an alternating opaque/translucent look or a completely opaque area.

In this way you can determine whether or not you want more light or as little as is possible, and maximum privacy.

Or you can raise the overall blind to have part or all of the window completely clear.

There's a stunning range of designer opaque fabrics and sheer colours from which to select.
7 Day Express Delivery
ABC offers a 7-Day Express Delivery service for professional installation and delivery of your blinds. Conditions apply, of course.

Warranty & Guarantee
We guarantee the ABC quality and offer a 2-Year Warranty with all our blinds, giving you peace of mind when choosing your products.
Vision Blinds
Vision Blinds