Vertisheer Blinds

The Softness of a Curtain, the Chic Style of a Sheer Blind.

Because they're remarkably stylish and versatile ABC's new Vertisheer is changing the way interior designers approach new-home-décor creation and renovations.

With a simple turn of the operating wand you can create a luxurious, softly curved sweep of beautifully textured sheer curtain, in one of the typically muted shades of silver, grey, black, white and cream.

Twist the wand again and you have a light-blocking, closed blind featuring whichever of the wonderful fabrics you've chosen to add precisely the right colour-design combination you want for your home.

When the blind is open, your window appears covered by a stylish sheer curtain.

When it's closed, you'd swear it was a double-layered designer blind.

Just wait till you see them in our display and explore all the amazing sheer material/blind fabric permutations.
7 Day Express Delivery
ABC offers a 7-Day Express Delivery service for professional installation and delivery of your blinds. Conditions apply, of course.

Warranty & Guarantee
We guarantee the ABC quality and offer a 2-Year Warranty with all our blinds, giving you peace of mind when choosing your products.
Vertisheer Blinds
Vertisheer Blinds
Vertisheer Blinds