The Best Blinds to Winter-Proof Your Outdoor Space!

Product Profiles - 5/07/2016
The Best Blinds to Winter-Proof Your Outdoor Space!
Some places call it a day when the temperature drops, but here in Aus? We’re just getting warmed up! Outdoor living is so synonymous with the Australian lifestyle that our outdoor areas are treated like any other living space; meaning year-round use is essential.

When the cooler months hit, the key is to create a space that’s going to coax you outdoors on the chilliest of days. Somewhere warm and relaxing, to while away a rainy afternoon over a bottle of red with friends (or by yourself, we’re not judging!). So, where to start?

Keep out the Elements

To make the most of your outdoor space during winter, you’ll need shelter from the wind and rain. The best way to enclose an outdoor space without losing that fresh-air, outdoorsy feeling is with the addition of outdoor blinds. Outdoor blinds work like temporary ‘walls’ - they go up and down as needed, providing all the protection you need from the woolliest of winters. Whether it’s a patio for entertaining, a verandah or even a balcony, add some nifty outdoor blinds and you’re over half-way to a winter-proofed, envy-inducing outdoor space.

Zip it Up

For the ultimate in stylish protection from the elements, head straight for Zipscreen. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. The latest in outdoor blinds and by far the most popular, the Zipscreen system literally could not be easier to use; a two-piece side-track allows for easy adjustment so the enclosed zip will always operate smoothly. You’re one touch of a button away from complete protection from the weather (and the mozzies), uninterrupted views and total, effortless style.

Cafe Life

Bring that cosy, alfresco cafe vibe into your own outdoor space with a set of Cafe blinds, designed to withstand the harshest conditions and keep your patio warm as toast. Available in clear or tinted PVC, Cafe blinds also use aluminium or stainless steel, making them ideal for coastal conditions. With a premium five-sided base rail for extra strength and an easy locking system, just roll them up on sunny days!

Turn up the Heat

One of the biggest grumbles about outdoor entertaining in winter is that it’s just too cold to be comfortable. Don’t let the nippy air cramp your style - once you’ve got your outdoor blinds, you can easily and efficiently warm up your space without losing too much heat. Crank up your patio heater to keep the chill at bay or better yet, build a fire pit. There’s something pretty wonderful about gathering around a crackling fire on a cold winter’s night.

Snuggle Up

With your blinds and heater in place, it’s time to pour that glass of wine, throw something delicious in the slow-cooker and cosy up with a basket full of pillows and throws. That’s doing winter right.

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